Fancy Playing Fantasy Football In The World of Relics?

November 29, 2012 by brennon

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If you're looking to expand your Relics experience with Tor Gaming then look out for a Kickstarter Campaign coming in the near future for their new game, the Relics: Armistice League or to give it its sporting name, Hardbal...

RAL LogoBritanan Catcher

Orcnar Brute"Hardbal is a brutal bloody sport where tearing flesh and breaking bone is all just part of the rough and tumble of the great game. The game is played profusely throughout the island on many different pitch layouts for varying levels of wager. Of the various prizes available throughout the region the most coveted by far is the Maaj crystal encrusted cup that is awarded to the winners of the prestigious Armistice League, the most lucrative sporting event in the whole of Relicia and beyond!"

Above you can see some cool concept art for the upcoming game and a little information on what its all about. It won't be long till this fund raiser kicks off either so make sure to have some spare cash stowed away to support it.

Is there room for another Fantasy Football game right now?

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