Fate’s Fortune Expansion Hits Kickstarter For Secrets Of The Lost Tomb

November 11, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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Everything Epic continues to deliver great things for their pulpy adventuring game, Secrets of the Lost Tomb. They currently have an expansion available on Kickstarter called Fate's Fortune, which offers a host of great new angles for the game including alternate scenarios, new characters and a creative optional game play variation.SOTLT fates characters

They are also offering a new edition of the core game through this project, which is always amazing, if you're one of the people that couldn't get in on the fun on the first pass.

SOTLT expansion contents

I mentioned the alternate game play variation, a traitor, that can be added to the mix. This expansion features Fate cards that allow players to have their own additional quests, if you will.

By accomplishing these quests, players can improve their attributes, buff troubles coming from the tomb and change up the feel of the game activity - but if you're looking to make it even a little more interesting, you can play with the optional traitor variation.

If you choose to play this route, an optional traitor card can be mixed in with the Fate Cards. This traitor card will give one player an evil, selfish agenda. If this player succeeds on their quest, it will negatively impact the adventure crew or the tomb, or both.

Either way, it will make the game extra interesting and keep you on the edge of your seat!

SOTLT fate cards

This expansion also gives a new look to the player cards and standees, with an ascended option of both. As you succeed in your games, you can level up, or ascend, your player by flipping your player card and selecting the additional standee.

Your ascended character will have new attributes to help you succeed in your next game.

Will you be exploring Everything Epic's latest expansion, Fate's Fortune?

"Your ascended character will have new attributes to help you succeed in your next game..."

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