Feast Your Eyes On The Bestial Thaug For Monolith’s Conan

June 18, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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Just in case you have been under a rock recently, you might not be aware of the massive success of the Conan Kickstarter by Monolith Games.

conan thaug1

This being said, fans of the Conan universe are so excited with the massive amount of miniatures that will be included in this game, and today we got a peek at a little something...ok, it's not really a "little" something. Meet Thaug!

conan thaug2

This big boy will arrive with three tentacle sections and should insight fear into even the bravest warriors!

What do you think of the great, Thaug?!

"...ok, it's not really a "little" something. Meet Thaug!"

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