Feast And Pig Out On Dim Sum In Kickstarter Steam Up

November 2, 2021 by fcostin

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As much as I love rules in-game, connecting with components that truly make me feel like I am immersed in the experience is necessary.

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to board games, are you a cardboard token kind of person or do you like acrylics? Do you prefer thicker card stock for your board or thin? Or do you prefer resin/plastic miniatures instead of standees?

As I have said previously, I love wooden components more than plastic ones. As a personal preference - I love my game pieces to reference the experience so I can truly let my imagination wake up and immerse myself in the new game.

Steam Up - Image Two

Steam Up // Hot Banana Games

There is a Kickstarter that caught my attention for the components alone, and the more I scrolled further down the campaign page and my eyes came to delight.

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum promises an unforgettable experience as players awaken their tastebuds through a cultural journey combining the art of Dim Sum and board game mechanics.

Steam Up - Image Three

Board Preview // Steam Up

2-5 players will engage in a culinary experience, taking the roles of a hungry, hungry customer of a prestigious restaurant, in need of some fresh and delicious food. These are no ordinary guests. Players will pick from twelve different Chinese zodiac animals to plunge face-first into the food. All of which have their own abilities and tricks up their sleeves to devour their dinners!

Taking turns - players must compete to fill up their stomachs with as much Dim Sum as they possibly can. They will need to use card mechanics, be aware of their resources with the hope to eat the most Dim Sum from a beautiful bamboo steamer basket, on an ingenious rotating turntable.

The Kickstarter Campaign has 9 days left on the clock, already funded by a wide stretch and unlocking upgraded to the game via stretch goals.

I wouldn’t suggest playing the game if you are hungry though. Even looking at the board setup is making me fancy some Dim Sum…

"Players will pick from twelve different Chinese zodiac animals to plunge face-first into the food..."

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