FFG Release Two New Custom Scenarios For Lord Of The Rings LCG

November 14, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games is going to be releasing two of their custom scenarios which were previously playable at events this year like Gen Con. These give you new and inventive ways to play your The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game adventures.

LotR LCG The Wizards Quest - FFG

The first of these is The Wizard's Quest. In this particular adventure, you will be answering a call from the White Council. Heading out into Mirkwood you will be searching for the source of the evil that wounded one of Radagast's Eagle friends and looking to purge evil from the woodland.

The second quest is The Woodland Realm.

LotR LCG The Woodland Realm - FFG

In this adventure, you are looking to find the Elvenking's Hidden Halls when you hear a scream from deep in the forest. Being the heroes that you are you go to investigate and find yourself fighting against both Spiders and more nefarious foes amongst the branches and roots of this twisted woodland.

Unlike the other quest packs, you can get for Lord of the Rings these scenarios can be mixed and matched to fit the challenge you think your party can take on.

LotR LCG Card Fan - FFG

You get the same Stage One card for each of your adventures but then you can mix and match how Stage Two and Stage Three turn out depending on how powerful you think you are.

There are plenty of competitive ways to play out these scenarios too with a race between two solo players, a group, or maybe even just sticking to the cooperative spirit and looking at who can complete it with the least threat and wounds on their characters as well as victory points in their display.

Will you be checking these out?

"There are plenty of competitive ways to play out these scenarios too..."

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