Fight For Fame & Control At Sea In Leder Games’ Ahoy!

July 29, 2022 by fcostin

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Leder Games have currently got a new, beautifully designed board game up for pre-order. Taking 2-4 players out to the high seas for a swashbuckling siege of smuggling booty, as soldiers asymmetrically sailing for fame and control, in Ahoy!


Ahoy Box Art // Leder Games

Alliteration aside, players will be taking to their own crew of misfits, aligning themselves with a faction of unique abilities. Whether they choose the Bluefin Squadron, the Mollusk Union, or the Smugglers.

Players will be battling for control to gain areas of the board, all with different abilities in their arsenal. Seafaring in hopes to deliver some cargo and rack in some fame and glory along the way. The more fame that the player has gained, the more power and control they will have over the seas. Enabling their course for control, dominating the map and earning the most recognition.


Game And Component Preview // Ahoy

Taking to the roll of the dice to determine the action of the faction, resulting in the motion of the ocean. Each faction with its own schemes and motives, with similar themes to Root. The brutal sharks in the Bluefin Squadron are like to take to their problems by force, the Mollusk Union fight for their ancestral home, and Smugglers run behind the scenes to provide to those who need it the most... or can pay the most!

Discovering the region by tiles atop of your mighty seafaring ship, Ahoy will bring roughly a 45-75 minute experience that even a duo can take part in. Preorders are set to be fulfilled in the last quarter of the year. So if you are looking to dive into some adorable Leder Games goodness, taking to the high seas for some anthropomorphic swashbuckling; be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Ahoy.

Are you tempted by Leder Games' upcoming title?

"Taking to the roll of the dice to determine the action of the faction, resulting in the motion of the ocean..."

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