Frosthaven Hits Kickstarter As Campaign Rockets Past $4 Million

April 1, 2020 by brennon

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It was somewhat inevitable that the next step for the 'Haven' series would go down well on Kickstarter. Well, Cephalofair Games' Isaac Childres' latest adventure into the realm of euro-based dungeon crawling has smashed through $4 million and keeps ongoing. Come and explore the world of Frosthaven...

Frosthaven Main Content - Cephalofair Games

Frosthaven is a massive game where you start off with a selection of six unique characters and go dungeon delving in search of fame, fortune and in this case, to help rebuild the frontier town of Frosthaven. As you dungeon delve and explore the world you'll follow long story-based questlines but also venture off on classic side quests too which will uncover more and more content.

Additionally, Frosthaven is a legacy game (unless you use specific accessories) so everything you do builds on the game experience, unlocks new options and charts a unique story for you and your group. This does mean that you might need the same group of people to really experience the strengths of Frosthaven together but there are plenty of options for making one-off dungeon delves and such too for when everyone can't make it to the same session. If you're looking for a game which drags you right down into it and doesn't let go...this is the game for you.


As well as the new characters which come with updated and refined sculpts to match you'll also find yourself getting stuck into lots of more new mechanics too. One element which really stands out is the crafting system. When you go delving into dungeons now you instead bring back a mix of treasures, some of which don't glitter. As well as gold you'll also find yourself snagging materials like wood, stone and other more magical bits and bobs, all of which can be used to either build structures within the town of Frosthaven or armour, weapons and items for your heroes.

You'll, therefore, have to balance how you want to spend your resources. Do you want to continue to make the town prosperous or would you prefer to outfit yourself and your gang with better weapons so they can go and claim the skulls of more enemies? Talking of enemies, this new game also features loads of new creatures for you to try and beat and some of them might even end up joining you in your quest.

If you're interested in learning about the mechanics of Gloom/Frosthaven before diving in then I wrote a review a few years ago which goes through all of that. You can check it out HERE. Needless to say, it's different from what you might imagine and it's incredibly tactical.

The Pledges

The Kickstarter campaign features a selection of different options for those diving in. You can pick up the base game for $100 but there are also options which add in loads of extras and accessories.

Frosthaven Pledge Tiers - Cephalofair Games

For me, one of the neatest options is the addition of the little narrator program which will talk you through the story of the game instead of you reading along. In saying that, I do enjoy putting on the voices and reading through the book myself. You've also got the excellent coin set, sorting trays for the main box, removable sticker sheets (for those who don't like legacy games) and plenty more for you to explore too.

You can see a lot of how that breaks down as part of their accessories and add-ons section.

Frosthaven Add Ons - Cephalofair Games

I have actually managed to 'complete' Gloomhaven, by which I mean I've finished the main storyline with some chums, and so it's neat to know that I still have a lot of content to get stuck into with Forgotten Circles and such. So, as well as expansions there are also lots of nice bits and bobs including those rather lovely badges! Those are normally only available at conventions and such so it's neat to see them included as part of the Kickstarter.

Despite my love for Gloomhaven, I don't think I'll be backing Frosthaven just now. We are in rather uncertain times and whilst I know this would be a sure thing; I'm not sure a big blow out of $100 would be very responsible right now. However, plenty of people seem to have been saving for just this occasion and it looks like Childres is set to smash it to the top of BoardGameGeek once again with this one.

Are you going to take the plunge and pick up Frosthaven?

"Are you going to take the plunge and pick up Frosthaven?"

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