Funko Show Off Their New Strategy Game Collection

July 20, 2019 by brennon

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Funko POP! offers up a range of collectable figures for those that like particular shows, games and such, but they are now stepping into the realm of games with their Funkoverse Strategy Game collection.

Funkoverse Strategy Game #1

Their range of games will use a similar system but dip into all sorts of different genres and properties. Currently, they have games based on Harry Potter, the DC universe and also Rick & Morty.

Funkoverse Strategy Game #2

Each character will come with a selection of basic actions they can do on their turn as well as being able to draw on special abilities which are unique to them. The real twist in the mechanics is the cooldown system which means that powerful abilities take longer to come back online than others. This means you need to think wisely about just when you activate your abilities in order to make the most out of them.

Funkoverse Strategy Game #3

Again, as with Magical Kitties which we looked at earlier today, this seems like a great way to get people into tabletop games who maybe haven't considered it before. Also, I'm sure this is going to be very collectable too!

I can imagine these sets being very popular!

"I can imagine these sets being very popular!"

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