Glass Cannon Unplugged Announce Dying Light Board Game

February 24, 2022 by fcostin

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There has been a ton of hype surrounding the release of Dying Light 2 to PC and consoles everywhere. As video gamers are currently is free-running and weapon crafting their way safely through a zombie outbreak. The infection has spread, with Techland and Glass Cannon Unplugged teaming up to bring Dying Light to the tabletop with an epic scale board game.

Dying Light: The Board Game Announcement // Glass Cannon Unplugged

Although there is not much news surrounding the upcoming title, the exciting collaboration between video game publisher Techland and Frostpunk publisher Glass Cannon Unplugged certainly brings intrigue. I wonder whether this will simply be a mirrored experience of the video game title, or a new experience altogether in the Dying Light universe. Time will tell!

Dying Light The Board Game - Techland

Dying Light The Board Game // Techland & Glass Cannon Unplugged

The first video game, Dying Light has been one of the favourite cooperative video games. As my teammates always wanted me to go outside when it is dark and the volatiles lurk, and I was too scared so would grapple across street lights to avoid conflict. The joke was on them, it was double XP at night, and I was earning all of that agility.

The video game is heavily focused on parkour and crafting within a zombie outbreak, which makes me wonder how this particular feature might translate over.

What would you like to see from the Dying Light board game?

" A mirrored experience of the video game? Or a new experience altogether?"

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