Wonder At The Glowing Noctiluca With Z-Man Games

January 8, 2019 by brennon

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Z-Man Games are delving down into the oceans with a new game for 2019 called Noctiluca which already looks fascinating from the artwork alone.

Noctiluca - Z-Man Games

Noctiluca are genuinely real little creatures that give off bioluminescent light and can be found in pools deep within the rainforests. You will be playing as someone trying to collect as many of these strange organisms, diving into the water to scoop them up so you can deliver them to the healers of your world.

Noctiluca (Game) - Z-Man Games

During the game, you'll be trying to strategically plan your path through the pool so that you can pick up the right combination of Noctiluca to fill your bags. As you'll see each of the players has their own objectives they're working towards so working out where you're going to go before someone else steals away with your prize is going to be an interesting puzzle.

I already loved the simple nature of this games aesthetic and the background to it as well. It looks like one of these games that, thanks to the random way the dice are added to the tabletop, will be a fun new puzzle each time you sit down to play.

Are you tempted by this one?

"...a fun new puzzle each time you sit down to play"

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