Some Great Old Ones Get Their Visages Sketched for Cthulhu Wars

June 19, 2013 by dracs

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Over on Kickstarter the Sandy Petersen board game Cthulhu Wars has been enjoying some real success. But, as with all things Lovecraftian, success must go hand in hand with horror and a couple of concepts of other Great Old Ones have emerged, dragging darkness and insanity in their wake.

Great Old One Ghatanothoa

Great Old One Yig

Great Old One Bokrug

Great Old One Abhoth

Great Old One Atlach-Nacha

These sketches are some of the most imaginative takes on these iconic creations I have seen. They range from the creepy and disturbing through to the downright disgusting. I really hope we will get to see some miniatures for some of these.

Yet there is more news to send the combatants of Cthulhu Wars gibbering into the night as Sandy Petersen has announced an expansion set of the Dreamlands Underworld Monsters.

The Dreamlands Underworld Monster expansion consists of three monster types. It includes 4 Ghasts, 3 Leng Spiders, and 2 Gugs. It also includes a Homeland marker for each species. They can be used on any map - i.e., not just the Dreamlands. You can use them on Yuggoth if you're of a mind, and they work fine. Their availabilty in the waking world is a sign of the bounds of reality breaking down as the Great Old Ones shatter natural laws on their return.

Remember, you can still join the insanity on Kickstarter and if you want to find out more about this game be sure to watch the video at the top of the article.

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