Grundy, Orphan & A Bloomin’ Dinosaur Previewed For Monolith’s Batman

February 7, 2018 by brennon

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Monolith ramp up the previews for their Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Kickstarter as they show off a few new characters and something you maybe wouldn't expect...

Solomon Grundy - Batman

First up we have another one of their villains for the game, Solomon Grundy. Here you can see one of their coloured renders but it gives you an idea of how the model might look once you get it down onto the tabletop. Solomon Grundy is, again, one of the reasons Batman works so well, because of his interesting and diverse villain gallery.

However, with big hulks like Solomon Grundy around maybe you'll need some support. That's where Orphan, also known as Cassandra Cain, comes in.

Orphan (Cassandra Cain) - Batman

As a dangerous assassin, she was once a foe of the Dark Knight but now fights alongside him against the enemies that flood the streets of Gotham.


Most people will know that Bruce Wayne has a bloomin' great Tyrannosaurus Rex in his Batcave. Well, you'll be able to get that as part of the Kickstarter project too.

Batcave Tyrannosaurus - Batman

I didn't know this backstory...

"In fact, Batman keeps a number of souvenirs from his adventures. He first met this tyrannosaurus in 1946, when Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were trapped on Dinosaur Island. Contrary to what the name suggests, this island was not populated with authentic giant lizards but was used as a filming location for a movie about dinosaurs.

And for lack of true saurians, the production used robots. But a gangster took control of the robots, forcing Batman and Robin to fight them."

Good to have a big robotic dinosaur at your command for when the bad guys come knocking. And, well, Dinosaurs are just cool, right?

What do you think of these latest previews?

"He first met this tyrannosaurus in 1946, when Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were trapped on Dinosaur Island..."

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