Guillotine Games Unleash Another Zombicide Horde

March 4, 2013 by brennon

Another Kickstarter has broken out and taken over the City Mall and the Prison. Yes, this is the start of the Guillotine Games Kickstarter for Zombicide!

Toxic City Mall Box

Toxic Mall Contents

First up is the main focus of the Kickstarter, Toxic City Mall. Above you will see the wealth of content that you get inside but here is a list too!

  • 4 mall-themed reversible game tiles
  • 43 miniatures including 4 new survivors in their human and zombivor versions, 29 Toxic Zombies miniatures and the Zombivor versions of Season 1 survivors.
  • 28 Equipment cards
  • Tokens to improve your missions, such as barricades and rubble coming in two sizes to block paths and maximize the tactical aspects of your missions.
  • New rules and game modes such as Zombivor rules, how to play dead, and Ultrared mode to reach superheroic levels and use the marvelous Ultrared weapons.

Prison Break Box

Prison Break Contents

And next but certainly not least is the inclusion of Prison Break which marks 'Season 2' of Zombicide. I'm really interested to see how this one works as the tighter confines and the need for team work should be fun. Or terrifying, depending on your point of view!

  • 9 brand new, reversible, prison-themed, game tiles
  • 90 miniatures including 6 survivors in both their human and “zombivor” versions, with 78 zombies including berzerker zombies
  • New equipment cards such as baseball bats, shotguns, katana, concrete saws and even gunblades...
  • Tokens to customize your missions: doors of various size, objectives, switches, barbwire, observation towers, and a security gate meant to rotate on the board to change the way you move around the prison corridors!

As you can see there is plenty on offer as always with a Zombicide Kickstarter. Plenty of zombies and survivors as well as everything else you need to play.

Are you pledging to this one already?

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