Meet The Heroes Of Fantasy Flight’s Journeys In Middle-Earth

March 14, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been talking more about the different heroes you'll get to play as when you delve into The Lord Of The Rings: Journeys In Middle-earth.

Journeys In Middle-earth - Fantasy Flight Games

There are six unique heroes available in the core box for the game, some of whom are famous faces whilst others are new to the histories of Middle-earth. Each of them has their own approaches to solving problems and your choice of hero will change how your adventures on the tabletop unfold.

Journeys In Middle-earth Aragorn - Fantasy Flight Games

Each of the different heroes starts with their own array of cards for the character but also for the role that they choose to fulfil. Aragorn, for example, makes a good Pathfinder with abilities and skills which synergises with that BUT you don't have to follow these 'preferred' roles and could switch things up to create new and interesting combinations.

Aragorn is a strategist and a planner, preparing for life in the wilds but he is also adept at getting stuck into combat too, able to cut down the servants of the Dark Lord when needed. I love that they even included his title of Thorongil, a name he used to go under when he was younger and served alongside the Rohirrim and such.

Keen-Eyed Elf

As well as a familiar face in Aragorn, we also have Legolas, Prince Of Mirkwood.

Journeys In Middle-earth Legolas - Fantasy Flight Games

Legolas is quick and deadly, able to strike true and support his allies from further away thanks to his ability with a bow. He can also draw on his immortality to make himself a better shot or if needed, rest up and recuperate on the road, ready to carry on the fight.

A Beautiful Melody

One of the new additions to the cast is Elena, an Elven Musician who is able to bring her mystical tunes to the tabletop, aiding her friends and keeping them in the fight or keep the enemy at bay.

Journeys In Middle-earth Elena - Fantasy Flight Games

I know some people have already talked about the miniatures and said they don't like them but I think they've done a great job on these. I really like each of the heroes we've seen so far and the Monsters and Orcs that were previewed previously have a nice aesthetic too.

I can't wait for this game. This is no doubt going to cost a pretty penny so I will wait for the reviews before blinding pre-ordering this but if it hits the spot, I will be snapping it up. With it viable for solo play I'll be able to tell my own stories in Middle-earth without having to have my friends always around the tabletop.

What do you think?

"I love that they even included his title of Thorongil..."

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