Human Metal Detectors & Demons Of Hell Join Hellboy Kickstarter

May 20, 2018 by dracs

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Mantic Games' Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game is entering its final few days, and as it does more characters join the team.

Human Metal Detector

Freshly unlocked for the BPRD, we have Sidney Leach, the human metal detector.

Sidney Leach

Sidney Leach is one of the BPRD super-powered agents, although his abilities are rather tame when compared with the pyromantic powers of Liz Sherman. Sidney is a human metal detector, able to find and manipulate metal. He turned up in one of the Hellboy animated movies, and it is cool to see him joining the crew here.


A new enemy has also appeared among the new stretch goals the Kickstarter campaign is marching towards. Ualac, a minor demon who once usurped Hellboy as the Beast of the Apocalypse.


Originally imprisoned by St Dunstan, Ualac worked with human Warlock Igor Bromhead to steal Hellboy's Crown of the Apocalypse.

Ualac vs Hellboy

He's a great villain and one who I would love to see come to the game.

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