Investigate Before Bedtime In Tales From The Loop Board Game

April 4, 2022 by fcostin

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Free League Publishing is now in full swing of its release of Tales from the Loop: The Board Game. Now players can take their investigative adventures to a streamlined and shorter experience within the same universe!

The game was released in February this year, taking a familiar environment and extending the universe for a new host of tabletop gamers to reach. The narrative title will follow a similar theme to the RPG, bringing in images and works from the original art book. As 1-5 players head off to cooperate on investigating the anomalies occurring across town. You just need to make sure you are home before dinner's on the table!

Tales From the Loop - The Board Game Trailer // Free League Publishing

For those who have never stepped into the world of Tales from the Loop RPG from Free League, think Stranger Things, but more sci-fi! Players take the role of teenagers in the late 80s, dealing with the usual pressures of teenager life. They'll be thrust into adventures and mysteries that surround The Loop; a particle accelerator built deep underground in the suburban countryside. Not far outside of Stockholm. Whether you want to be a Jock, Nerd or Weirdo - players will be heading to sites of intrigue, where they will encounter strange mechanical creatures looking to cause havoc to the once idyllic countryside.


Board Preview // Tales From The Loop: The Board Game

Tales from the Loop: The Board Game follows suit in theme, as players will be checking out different corners of the islands to investigate the strange phenomena rearing their menacing and mechanical heads. As local kids equipped with a series of skills, they are heading off to the edge of ruin or simply to the local video store to put a stop to any unusual and strange antics in motion before all hope is lost. And by that... it means you may lose a couple of privileges!

Gameplay Preview - Tales from The Loop The Board Game

Gameplay Preview // Tales from The Loop: The Board Game

There are several scenarios in the box, which can last up to 120 minutes. Players will take their turns simultaneously, as the round represents one day in the life of the child, starting with the sound of the school bell. Keeping their keen ears open for happenings around the town, they will gain tips on where to journey off to once the school day ends. Free to explore, they'll head off to their chosen location with limited time to carry out investigations. Risk staying out too long, there are ramifications in place. Like being grounded or losing out on a lift to school, placing penalties and hindering gameplay.

The game certainly promotes adventure given the narrative cooperative theme. Whether you are intrigued merely by the Amazon Series, have RPG-ed your way through many a mechanical mystery or are simply looking for an entry point into the world. The board game proves a wonderful extension and introduction. It's a slippery slope through The Loop!

Would you be interested in taking on some quick-fire investigations in Tales from the Loop: The Board Game?

"As local kids equipped with a series of skills, they are heading off to the edge of ruin or simply to the local video store!"

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