Introduce The Kids To Board Games With My Lil’ Everdell!

December 5, 2022 by brennon

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Everdell is a fantastic board game series from Starling Games that has spawned many expansions. Whilst it's a fun family game, it might be a bit complicated for young pups. Well, My Lil' Everdell hopes to deal with that and provide a fun game for those aged six and up.

My Lil Everdell - Starling Games

My Lil' Everdell //Starling Games

In My Lil' Everdell, you take on the role of the kids of Everdell who are looking to make their own make-believe city in the heart of the forest. Using worker-placement and tableau-building mechanics but with a twist to make them easier to learn, this seems like a fun one to get your kids into hobby board games through the lens of something super cute.

My Lil Everdell Cards - Starling Games

My Lil' Everdell - Cards // Starling Games

The game features the same resource management of Everdell where you'll be collecting all sorts of different things like twigs, resin and berries in order to gain cards from a central market. You'll then spend these resources to buy cards representing places, people and more. These cards then allow you to pick up the parade tiles that offer up big victory points that get totted up at the end of the game.

My Lil Everdell Components - Starling Games

My Lil' Everdell - Components // Starling Games

What's nice about My Lil' Everdell is that it seems to offer up a great way to get that same kick as Everdell but without the more complicated aspects of gameplay. Because everything flows quite easily from turn to turn with a player getting access to new fun things each time, it seems like this might go down well with young ones. There is even a solo mode included with My Lil' Everdell!

Could you be tempted by My Lil' Everdell for your gaming collection?

"The game features the same resource management of Everdell..."

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