Kingdom Death Comes Ever Closer In New Update

March 13, 2014 by brennon

Kingdom Death is still swirling around in that mad vortex of chaos and despair that is Kickstarter but there is light at the end of that mad tunnel. The fulfillment of pledges is still earmarked for the first half of this year, but in the mean time we have some lovely miniatures to look at.

Starting Survivors



First up we have a look at some of the new plastics that are coming your way. The Survivors are some of the coolest and indeed darkest miniatures I've seen in a while, completely trapped and without defence against the darkness. As well as that we have some of their foes, including the White Lion and Butcher.

This game reminds me so much of a condensed board game version of Dark Souls every time I see it, from the character design to the theme of horror and inevitable doom.


This Phoenix does exactly the same thing, and certainly puts a twist on the kind of stories you might have heard about these nice creatures. I would not want this thing to keep coming back to life that's for sure!

Final Board

With this game you will also needs somewhere to play it, and here is a look at the board for the game with it's very nice looking design. If you want to see some close up images of the board without the miniatures on then you can check the link at the top of the article.

Kingdom Death Pin-Up Collection

As a big thank you the chaps behind Kingdom Death have also put together this Pin-Up Collection that contains a whole bunch of awesome pin-ups (eight in fact!) and two pieces of promo paraphernalia including an event card and a piece of gear.

Have you been waiting patiently for this release?

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