Kingdom Death Joins Forces With MERCS Minis’ Myth

April 23, 2013 by brennon

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As the Myth Kickstarter comes to a close (only 15 hours remaining at the time of writing) Kingdom Death have joined forces with MERCS Minis for a final push. Check out their fantastic looking Twilight Knight Mini-Boss concept art...

Twilight Knight Mini BossHere's what they had to say...

"Myth and Kingdom Death are proud to present the Twilight Knight Mini-boss.

Kingdom Death is a nightmare horror board game with highly detailed, beautiful 35mscale miniatures. They really set the bar high for both miniatures and Kickstarters.

Early in the Kickstarter cycle Kingdom Death backed Myth. We quickly reached out to them. We knew they were busy, but hoped we might collaborate. We began to talk and decided that doing a Trickster Level and providing a Mini-boss was ideal. Keith got to work on the art transition and with the help of the Kingdom Death team fused these two amazing worlds in the solitary figure of the Twilight Knight.

As with all Mini-bosses, she will be accompanied by a stat card. However, unique to the Twilight Knight, Heroes who somehow defeat her win the cursed blade, the Twilight Sword. The only Orange item in the game at this point.

This Limited Edition miniature will be given for free to all backers at the Minion Level and above ($75).

We can't thank Adam Poots and his team enough for their generosity and effort in this relationship. They really love the hobby and are incredibly good people to know and work with."

She looks fantastic already and if the previous sculpts we've seen are anything to go by she's going to make an awesome model too. If you haven't pledged already then I suggest heading over for a final push to unlock more and more for yourself and others.

A great end to a great Kickstarter?

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