Lay Tiles & Create A Dreamlike Island In 1001 Islands

July 8, 2022 by fcostin

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Asmodee has announced a new tile-placement game heading to retail this summer from the team over at Ludonaute. Taking players across 1001 Islands as children of Sinbad, challenging them to build and create a wonderous island inspired by the creativity of their dreams.

1001 Islands - Ludonaute

1001 Islands // Ludonaute

Stepping into the role of one of Sinbad's children, they will be hoping to uncover treasures across new terrain and location.

Ultimately, players will be aiming to earn the most points by the end of the game, by matching island and dream tiles in hopes of creating their island on the board in front of them over 16 rounds. This will tally to 16 different tiles, which will form a rectangle image. With the addition of genie lamps and birds on each tile, and a player picking from the centre each turn; they will hope to match dream tiles to island tiles which will rake in the points.

Gameplay Preview - 1001 Islands

Gameplay Preview // 1001 Islands

For example, if you have the Rokh Bird on your island across from the Rokh Bird in the dreams, you will receive your points for creating a successful match once the island has been constructed.

Ludonaute has released a How To Play video, so if you would like to see whether the game is for you, this four-minute video will take you through the rules and the general gist of gameplay.

1001 Islands - Learn How To Play // Ludonaute

The game sounds like a ton of fun, as all of the tiles come up in the middle - there could be more than one player around the table with their eyes on a particular tile. Having control of your own output and ensuring you are collecting only what is necessary, just have to make sure that your opponents aren't after the same tile, or that you are not overwhelming yourself which will result in minus points!

How To Earn Points - 1001 Islands

How To Earn Points // 1001 Islands

The game is set to release this summer on August 18th. Bringing the themes of Sinbad through set collection and closed drafting, the game will take roughly half an hour to play through, for players ages 7+.

If you are looking for an entry-level game for some young players to get their minds in place with preparation and strategy, through familiar themes of Sinbad and across a gorgeous adventure through island and dream - you may want to keep your eyes peeled for 1001 Islands at your FLGS.

Are you tempted to create a dreamy landscape in 1001 Islands? 

"Stepping into the role of one of Sinbad's children, they will be hoping to uncover treasures across new terrain and location..."

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