Liberate Lost Souls & Explore And Grow The Forest In Bitoku

November 24, 2021 by fcostin

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The forest is always full of so much mystery. Lurking behind each tree is a toadstool, a chirpy bird and a mischievous squirrel in the hunt for its next snack. The forest always seems so peaceful, so guarded, as if protected by the unknown.

There is a new board game heading to the tabletop from Devir, entitled Bitoku - as players step into the transparent shoes of Bitoku spirits, in hopes of becoming the next big grand protector of the forest and their surroundings.

Bitoku - Image Four

Bitoku // Devir Games

Whist balancing hand-management, engine-building and following the main goal - transcending into a new role of importance - players will utilise their cards in their hand to propel. With a little help from the yōkai that are represented in the deck, players must utilise their board to ensure they reap the rewards from each step they take down the road to enlightenment.

Bitoku - Image Three

Game Meeple // Bitoku

Looking over the player’s shoulder will be three yōkai guardians. Now, these guardians will take the form of dice throughout the game, giving players more access to the scope of the land and gaining new options and opportunities to progress further by building and growing in the protected land around them.

This is certainly lots to do in the game, and as players keep an eye on their progress throughout each action - whether it be helping pilgrims, releasing lost souls, or learning the scope of the land - there is more than one path to victory in the stunning surroundings of Bitoku.

Bitoky will be heading for retail release by the close of the month, so be sure to look out for it at your FLGS and online.

Do you like the soothing sounds of Bitoku?

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