Lone Wolf Returns To The Tabletop From Gary Chalk

November 5, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Gary Chalk the illustrator from the Lone Wolf adventure books from years past and who also illustrated games such as HeroQuest and 1st edition of Space Hulk is bringing Lone Wolf back this time in the form of a board game.

game board

The project is now up on Kickstarter and I have to say in the intro video for this campaign that Gary does a very nice job of explaining why projects such as this go to Kickstarter for funding. Anyhow, back to the game. in the game they are using maps similar to the ones from Cry Havoc (another game of Gary's) and card stock game pieces for the armies.


There is an add on to get a miniature for the Lone Wolf Character. The game also tries to simplify combat with a single percentage dice roll.

Lone Wolf mini

I for one if I were to back this project would look into replacing the cardstock with actual miniatures just to add another dimension to the game. The graphics are clean and crisp and do have the classic look about them from games past (this is a good thing in my humble opinion). Being one who loves board games I will definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

roleplay book

Will you be visiting an old friend?

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