Manage A Conservation-Centric Zoo In Ark Nova

October 25, 2021 by fcostin

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Going to a zoo is quite bittersweet for me. On one hand, I love being rendered in awe over mammals I would rarely get to glace over. Alas, I find myself sad on the small enclosures - having to constantly remind myself that it is for "conservation purposes". Always in my head, I imagine how I would place each animal for happiness, having a zoo run smoothly for an all-around experience.

Ark Nova - Image One

Ark Nova // Capstone Games

Capstone Games have announced their pre-order for Ark Nova, a zoo management board game that puts conservation first when running a successful animal-centric establishment.

Whether players want to build their own independent career, or go at it with three other friends - 1-4 players will be responsible for the successes and downfalls of running an incredibly prolific zoo. One that cares for the well-being of animals, and house studies of conservation to evolve our planet further. This means building enclosures, finding happy homes for the animals and inputting into conservation projects to propel further.

Ark Nova - Image Three

Game Preview // Ark Nova

Winning the game is merely seeing your business thrive and flourish. As players utilise their cards (which feature the main aspects of the game), to build appeal and reputation of the park to bring in the dollar, along with building points for the good and conservation that has been put back into society.

Ark Nova - Image Four

Component Preview // Ark Nova

Do I have what it takes to make sure that I can run a successful zoo, bearing in mind conservation, animal happiness and doing the all-good for the fluffy creatures of this planet? Absolutely not, I play board games? What makes you think I would be any good at running a zoo? I am too naive to be close to grizzly bears! However, add card drafting and hand management in the mix - you have got yourself a specialist.

The game can take anywhere between 90 to 150 minutes depending on how many cooks are in the kitchen and is now available to be pre-ordered on the Capstone Games website, ready for the game release in February.

Do you have what it takes to manage a successful zoo?

"Winning the game is merely seeing your business thrive and flourish. "

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