Manipulate The Forest And Save The Sacred Tree From Flames!

November 30, 2021 by fcostin

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The forest is alive, and alike many other living elements on our planet - they need help! Living Forest from Ludonaute will be heading to retail on December 10th, helping the forest, spirits, animal familiars and the atmosphere happy in harmony.

2-4 players will need to get to grips with the Seasons, but not how you would imagine. The Sacred Tree of the Forest is in flames, needing help and revival to restore the blessed lifeform back to former glory.

Living Forest - Image Two

Living Forest // Ludonaute

Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn have been called to aid in this dire matter, as the future of the forest rests in the elements that form the world. However, they will not need to go on alone. Players will meet up with Guardian animals to aid in the progress, as they combine, the groups of animals mean more rewards to reap.

Forest - Image One

Board and Tile Preview Setup // Living Forest

As players take the role of a Spirit of Nature, they will have to perform a series of actions ultimately returning elements to Spirit Animals to work their magic in the woodland. Whether it be putting out fires, collecting followers or planting protective trees. Whichever player meets one of the three winning conditions available, the game will be over and nature will no longer be in peril.

Living Forest is set to release in the US on December 10th, and considering the game is pitched for ages 8+ - the whole family can get involved in making sure the forest is restored to prosperity!

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