Meet More Of Mantic Games’ New DreadBall Personalities

December 1, 2020 by brennon

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Mantic Games have some fun plans in the mix for their Sci-Fi sports game, DreadBall and that means some new miniatures and rules! We start with a look at some of the new characters who will be popping up in teams over the next year or so.

Flurple Replacement - DreadBall

Flurple // DreadBall

Flurple is quite the eager supporter of DreadBall and whilst he was just too clumsy to play the sport he did find use within a teams structure. He now works as a support assistant who is able to add additional successes to your Dash tests during play. It's always nice having someone to spur you on.

If you'd prefer to have a support assistant who can help when your kit gets bashed up during those high impact collisions then you might want Bracer on standby.

Bracer - DreadBall

Bracer // DreadBall

Bracer is a darn good mechanic and when she is included in your team you get extra successes when it comes to your Armour tests in-game. Both of the characters that we've seen so far seem like they would be great fun to paint up, especially if you've been working through the same scheme over and over for your players.

Another of the character options you can choose from is this pairing, the Head Coach.

Head Coach - DreadBall

Head Coach // DreadBall

Head Coach might appear to be two people but in actual fact, he is often shaded in secrecy (or a big trench coat) and no-one quite knows where that second voice comes from! This means that during gameplay he is very good at aiding you during your Distract tests.

Finally, we have an exemplar of the sport with Thoth who joins DreadBall as a Ref and or MVP for your team.

Thoth - DreadBall

Thoth // DreadBall

When you play on the Memphis Max pitch he is able to keep an eye on proceedings and get to where the trouble is with bursts of speed. As well as practising as a Ref to keep your games on the level he is also an exceptionally good MVP who can turn his eye to playing the game instead of policing it.

DreadBall Expansion - The Magnetar Circuit

As well as the news about the new support assistants and players that are coming to DreadBall we also heard about the new expansion for The Magnetar Circuit. Within this book, you'll find...

  • Rules for three new support assistants
  • Four new themed pitches on different planets: Cavlax VI (swamp pitch), New Atlantea (underwater pitch), Ovostar-2 (sky pitch) and Memphis Max (casino)
  • New card deck with special cards for each pitch
  • Tokens for each pitch
  • Historic matches on each of the four pitches
  • Errata for existing teams

I do really like the idea of an underwater and sky pitch to play your games on and it's cool to see there are a few more options presented for all teams involved. The errata is going to be there to help some teams who might have fallen slightly behind the curve and keep them tip-top for use in your tournaments moving into the future.

Are you tempted to dive in and give DreadBall a go?

"The errata is going to be there to help some teams who might have fallen slightly behind the curve..."

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