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Behind the Scenes at Mantic – Interview with Matt Gilbert of Mantic Games


Unboxing: Magnetar Expansion Book & Marvels Miniatures | DreadBall


We unbox the Magnetar Expansion Book and the Magnetar Marvels from Mantic Games' DreadBall. All of these put a spin on this tabletop Sci-Fi sports game.

Dreadball’s Magnetar Marvels & Galactic Tour Available To Pre-Order


A little while ago we saw some renders for Mantic's upcoming Dreadball supplement the Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circut.

Mantic Discuss What’s Coming To The Sci-Fi World Of Warpath In 2021


The world of Warpath might not be getting as much attention as the likes of Kings Of War but there are plenty of fun things happening behind the scenes with Mantic Games for their Sci-Fi universe.

4 New Warcry Boxed Sets & Epic Age Of Sigmar Heroes; Which Would You Choose? + WIN Bill & Ted’s Riff In Time #Weekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We check out new Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds options for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar AND we give away Bill & Ted's Riff In Time!

Meet More Of Mantic Games’ New DreadBall Personalities


Mantic Games have some fun plans in the mix for their Sci-Fi sports game, DreadBall and that means some new miniatures and rules!

Cult Of Games XLBS: HeroQuest Reborn; Reinventing A Classic


Warren returns and challenges us to take off our rose-tinted spectacles and see if we can reinvent the classic HeroQuest beyond just an updated board.

Explore Mantic Games Warpath Universe For Free


Mantic Games have long made their core rulesets freely available for anybody who wants to get into playing their games, but now they've made their science fiction universe freely available also.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben, John and Lance for Hobby Hangout where we look through your community projects and see what's been going on in the hobby world for April.

Let’s Play: DreadBall – Draconis All Stars VS New Eden Revenants


Let’s Play: DreadBall – Matsudo Tectonics Vs Ninth Moon Tree Sharks


Today I'm joined by Rob from Mantic Games to play some DreadBall on the tabletop.

DreadBall 2nd Edition: New Eden Revenants – Team Chat


DreadBall 2nd Edition: Matsudo Tectonics Vs New Eden Revenants


DreadBall 2nd Edition: Matsudo Tectonic – Team Chat


DreadBall 2nd Edition: Ninth Moon Tree Sharks – Team Chat


Learn all about the second team from the Starter Set!

DreadBall 2nd Edition: Draconis All-Stars Vs Ninth Moon Tree Sharks


DreadBall 2nd Edition: Draconis All-Stars Team Chat


Learn more about these Neo-bots!

DreadBall 2nd Edition: Rush Breakdown


Learn how a turn or "Rush" plays out in 2nd Edition!

DreadBall 2nd Edition: Unboxing


Today we're unboxing DreadBall 2nd Edition, the futuristic sports miniature game from Mantic Games.

Weekender: UK Games Expo’s Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!


It's the Weekend!

DreadBall 2nd Edition Week Launches Next Week!


Make sure to join us next week on Monday 26th as we kick off DreadBall 2nd Edition Week here on Beasts Of War!

New DreadBall II Eden Revenants Pop Up From Mantic Games


A first look at the renders for new DreadBall II team, the Eden Revenants, arrived on social media this week showing off a rather swish looking group of models.

Mantic Close In On Final Days Of DreadBall 2nd Edition Kickstarter


Mantic Games have been closing in on the final few days of their DreadBall 2nd Edition Kickstarter and this means new models for this revamp of the game.

Weekender: Previewing 4Ground’s Mighty Dwarf Terrain & Warlord’s Doctor Who Will See You Now


We show off the new 4Ground Dwarven & Steampunk Terrain plus you could win excellent Miniature Wargaming The Movie Prizes!

DreadBall 2nd Edition Launches On Kickstarter!


The futuristic sports game from Mantic Games is back on Kickstarter for another match!

Weekender: Hobby Lab Challenge Ideas & Getting Groovy With The Evil Dead 2 Board Game


We announced winners for Shattered Void and Infinity Week as well as diving into our ideas for Scatter Terrain and the Hobby Lab Open Challenge!

New Art & Design Choices From Mantic For DreadBall 2nd Edition


Mantic Games have delved deeper into the world of DreadBall 2nd Edition with another Designer Diary which looks at new teams, artwork and more.

Mantic Preview What’s Ahead For DreadBall 2nd Edition


Mantic Games' DreadBall 2nd Edition is on the cards and with that Mantic have been powering through on Development Diaries chronicling their next steps with the new version of the game.

DreadBall Season 2 Project Kicks Off Soon From Mantic Games


A new short and sweet Kickstarter will herald the beginning of DreadBall Season 2 which will help to rework and tighten up the mechanics of the game...

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More


Season Six Kicks Off For Mantic Games’ DreadBall


Mantic Games have shown off the new teams and book that is now available for their Sci-Fi sports game, DreadBall. The Season Six teams are certainly different looking but they sure are original...

Calling Mantic Games For Slashing DreadBall Xtreme


One hard hitting fun futuristic sports games, Dreadball Xtreme has been slashed by Mantic Games.

Mantic At Gen Con With Dungeon Saga’s Legendary Mortibris


Mantic Games are prepping for the coming of Dungeon Saga later this year and you can still pre-order the game and get your hands on a copy of the Legendary Mortibris model as long as you do so before July 31st or September with Mantic Points.

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!


We've got loads for you this weekend including a deeper look at DreadBall AND preparations for Gen Con 2015!

DreadBall Becomes War On The Pitch With Xtreme Xpansion


Mantic Games are bringing war to the pitch of DreadBall with their Xtreme Xpansion where you get to bring even more massive players up from the dugouts. See what you think of them below...

Mantic Holding The DreadBall UK Regional 2015 Tournament


Mantic Games, in association with their Pathfinders, are running a series of DreadBall Regional Tournaments throughout 2015. You can head over to the Events & Tickets section to get yours for the region you like best...

Last Chance To Win A Big Mantic Games DreadBall Prize


Mantic Games have given the community a collective nudge that this could be your last chance to win a massive DreadBall prize by simply signing up to their Newsletter. See what you can win below...

Mantic Goes “Xtreme” Giving Away Player Manuals For DreadBall


Mantic is giving away the new player manual when you buy DreadBall Xtreme from their webstore.

Deep Cut Studio Releases New Mat For Sci-Fi Sports Games


Deep Cut Studio has released a new game map for futuristic sports games. Take a look at how the field looks at night.

Mantic’s DreadBall Season 5 Now Ready For Pre-Order


DreadBall Season 5 is now up and ready for pre-order from Mantic Games. If you're looking to pit Mutants against Robots with Convicts and Kalyshi on the side then this could be the set for you...

Mantic’s Incredible Crazy Box Is Almost Gone!


Mantic's Crazy Box is just about gone for another year. This weekend is your last chance to grab one.

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!


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