Weekender: UK Games Expo’s Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!

March 24, 2018 by dignity

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We're delving into more awesomeness this week as part of The Weekender. There's plenty of ace stuff happening at UK Games Expo this year, so we're talking with Rich and Tony all about it!

Weekender: UK Games Expo's Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!

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As well as that we've been delving into some hot news out of AdeptiCon and much more besides so make sure to stay tuned.


We have some great things for you to check out this week...

  • AdeptiCon Live Blog - Dawn, Gianna and their team are in the US right now covering the mighty convention.
  • DreadBall 2nd Edition Week - Keep an eye out next week as we delve into Mantic's Futuristic Sports Game.
  • Hellboy Painted! - We were lucky enough to paint up the first pre-production Hellboy model ahead of Mantic's Kickstarter campaign in April.

Check all of the links out above to get the lowdown on what's been happening this week.

Warren Meets Mat

With the Warlord Games guys being in the studio this week we turn our attention to Blood Red Skies and think about the different mats from Deep-Cut Studio which would work for this high-flying dogfighting game.

Win Frontier Wargaming Painting Stations!

We have a look at two of the Frontier Wargaming Portable Painting Stations that they have added to their webstore recently and give YOU a chance to win one of your own.

The giveaway includes ONE Portable Painting Station and ONE Miniatures Case (Small) and all you have to do is...

Tell us what your next big project would be that you would use these for!

Get your comments in below and share with us what you're working on right now.


There was some pretty massive news this week and loads of awesome content for you to comment on.

What caught your eye this week?

The Weird & Wonderful At UK Games Expo

We talked with Rich and Tony from UK Games Expo about some of the weird and wonderful events that you can get involved in at the convention this summer.

This is a fantastic event and you can get your hands on tickets HERE.


We take a look at two terrain-based Kickstarter projects...

...which of these would you back?

Competition Winners

Make sure to listen out to see if you were a winner as we give away prizes.

  • Infinity Week
  • Dark Crystal Board Game
  • GameMat.Eu Prague Open Mat

If you heard your name, or know one of the people who popped up in our announcements make sure to Claim Your Prize!

Have a great weekend folks!

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