Weekender: Hobby Lab Challenge Ideas & Getting Groovy With The Evil Dead 2 Board Game

July 16, 2016 by dignity

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Welcome to The Weekender this week as we get stuck into giving away a whole bunch of goodies to competition winners and having a massive chat about the upcoming Scatter Terrain Challenge for Hobby Lab.

Weekender: Thinking With Portals; Hobby Lab Challenge Ideas & Getting Groovy With The Evil Dead 2 Board Game

Competition Winners

First up, some goodies to give away for...

Follow the video above to find out if you won. If you hear your name then use the Prize Contact Form and we'll get these goodies out to you.


We also have some neat things for you to check out.

Will you be tuning in on Monday?

News Time

What's been in the news?

If you want to check out the PDF from the Great Wargaming Survey 2015 then click HERE.

What did you pick up from this week?

Hobby Lab Open Competition - Scatter Terrain Ideas

We're running the Hobby Lab Open Competition from now until August 31st 2016 and we're looking for your best Scatter Terrain.

Here are some of the ideas floating around in the community right now.

With that in mind we talk about the ideas we have rattling around inside our heads and look ahead towards the competition and what goodies might be on offer from the community.


We sneak in a groovy Kickstarter...

What are your thoughts on the world of tabletop gaming this week?

Cover artwork Dead by Dawn by Rahzzah.

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