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July 15, 2020 by avernos

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Mantic Games have long made their core rulesets freely available for anybody who wants to get into playing their games, but now they've made their science fiction universe freely available also.

GCPS Enforcers Clash With Veer-Myn In Warpath

You can currently download the Warpath: Sourcebook digitally from the Mantic Website for free, gratis, nada! After a fairly packed schedule of fantasy releases for Kings of War and Vanguard, it's nice to know that they've not forgotten about the sci-fi gamers out there.

The Warpath: Sourcebook is a hefty 190 pages detailing the background of the Galatic Co-Prosperity Sphere and the factions that exist within the spheres, regions of space emanating outwards from the core as humanity took to the stars.

It breaks down the pivotal moments in the GCPS's history, from the invention of the McKinley Drive that allowed the GCPS to spread throughout the universe, to the Mandrake Rebellion and even a bit about the Sphere's most popular sport Dreadball.

Each faction gets a detailed chapter and despite being close to 200 pages it passes quickly with plenty of fluff, artwork, and miniatures splashed throughout. If you've not tried playing in Mantic's own universe it's definitely worth grabbing while it's available.

With the range of races available as Dreadball teams already there is certainly plenty of room for expansion, and while you're there you can pick up the rules for the games as well for free. Deadzone is a particularly good place to jump off from with a small model count and 2 x 2 playing area you needn't worry about taking over huge chunks of your table.

It's fantastic to see both this sourcebook and the First Strike novel available now, free rules are great but if I'm playing I prefer to know what the authors intended background is otherwise it can seem bland or like you're playing another game with different mechanics. Hopefully, this will pull other people over to the Warpath universe and encourage them to get involved and remember #Deadzoneislife

Will you be forging a path to the stars?

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