Weekender: Previewing 4Ground’s Mighty Dwarf Terrain & Warlord’s Doctor Who Will See You Now

July 30, 2016 by dignity

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Welcome to The Weekender where we're talking Barbarossa Battle Reports, showing off new 4Ground Terrain under the camera and delving into news from the week...

Weekender: Previewing 4Ground's Mighty Dwarf Terrain & Warlord's Doctor Who Will See You Now

Competition Time

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What's been in the news this week?

New 4Ground Dwarven & Steampunk Terrain Reviewed

4Ground have sent through their new Dwarf Karag-Haim Terrain and their Grimmstack Steampunk buildings for us to take a look at.

We'll be showing them off and giving you our thoughts on them and what games you might use them for.

A Retrospective - Talking Barbarossa & Battle Reports

We also take a moment to talk with Oriskany, one of our community members responsible for the Operation Barbarossa Article Series.

Now it's finished we'll be taking a look back at it, the Historical outcome of it all and his Battle Reports from the forums!

Did you follow along with this WWII series?


We take a look at some of the big Kickstarters from this week.

Did anything catch your eye?

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Have a great days tabletop gaming!

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"What’s been in the news this week?"

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