Season Six Kicks Off For Mantic Games’ DreadBall

October 26, 2015 by brennon

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Mantic Games have shown off the new teams and book that is now available for their Sci-Fi sports game, DreadBall. The Season Six teams are certainly different looking but they sure are original...

DreadBall Season Six

"This expansion features the rules for GIANT players in your games, rules for hacking into the DGBs computer systems, a new Reputation rating for your teams, and a host of new abilities and MVPs to add to your games. It also introduces four new teams – the Crystallans, the Tsudochan, the Koris and the Ada-Lorana."

There are a lot of fascinating new options available for DreadBall now and I don't imagine that Mantic are going to stop there. I quite like the Ada-Lorana and Crystallans. You can see these teams in more detail below...


"With players who can move through solid objects and almost limitless apparent power, it is a brave opponent indeed who will face these intergalactic enforcers of justice on the neodurium. Still, they are popular with the stadium owners if nobody else – crowds are seldom better behaved than when the Ada-Lorana are in town."


"When they aren’t wowing the crowd with their technological trickery, using devices that give them apparent telekinetic abilities, they may be boring them rigid with a post match sermon on the deeper meanings of life. No wonder that the hardcore following of Tsudochan teams seems to be composed of some very confused individuals…"


"After the destruction of their civilisation in a war with the Forge Fathers, most Crystallans simply took to a nomadic life, wandering the universe and trying to avoid trouble. Some elected to play DreadBall instead, a pastime which suits them very well, given the unique properties of their race which make them stronger when they work together."


"Mortal enemies of the Asterians, these extra-dimensional sadists find malicious pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on other creatures by whatever underhanded methods they can. This makes the Koris ideal DreadBall players, if somewhat terrifying opponents."

As well as the new teams there are some additional MVP options and, most fascinating of all, a Judge Dredd Referee. Now I would certainly not argue with him. I imagine he would put a few footballers in their place on the pitch.

Judge Dredd

What do you think of the newest season of DreadBall? Are these teams grabbing your attention and will you find a new bunch of players to manage?

Let me know below...

"Are these teams grabbing your attention and will you find a new bunch of players to manage?"

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