Mantic Brief You On Deadzone Snipers & Striders!

December 22, 2014 by brennon

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In a continuation of their background building endeavours Mantic Games have put together two new snippets for you on the Deadzone (and Warpath) faction, the Corporation Enforcers. See what you think about those Striders and Snipers...

Corporation Strider

"‘Strider’ is actually a generalised term for any bipedal vehicle employed by the Corporations, but is most often used to describe the GR77 model employed by the Enforcers as a mobile infantry fire support platform. Standing at roughly twice the height of a man, the GR77 is equipped with a Genling 88 HLS-X Burst Laser, an upgunned version of the G87 carried by infantry. Originally designed as a fixed mounting weapon for vehicles and static positions, the size and power of a Strider allows it to be handled as a portable weapon, giving a mobile source of heavy suppression fire."

Corporation Pathfinder Snipers

"Even amongst the ranks of the Enforcers, the Pathfinders are an elite and highly specialised group. Recruited from those who exhibit the highest standards of initiative, independent thinking and tactical intuition, it is testament to how gruelling the training programme for these soldiers is that even having advanced into the ranks of the Enforcers, less than half of the candidates will be successful."

The Corporation are still probably the best looking faction in the Deadzone world, with the Plague coming a close second. I love the look of their armour and the whole design of the faction is just top notch. It helps when you have things like the Strider and Snipers above adding to the barrel of awesomeness.

Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more cool stuff come out next year for Warpath! Imagine what Corporation tanks look like!?

What do you think of the Corporation?

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