Mantic Mix Up Speedball & DreadBall To The Xtreme!

February 25, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have teamed up with the folk behind Speedball 2 to add a new MVP to their DreadBall Xtreme line-up. Check out Weiss below as well as a new team called the Mechanites...

Weiss Speedball MVP

Mechanites Stretch Goal

Weiss has no stretch goal attached to him, he is simply available to the masses right now to add to your pledge level. I think the model is pretty awesome and it does look very 80's! It's neat to see that a sense of fun and partnership has existed between Mantic and the Speedball team to make this happen!

Of course the next big stretch goal is the Mechanites Robot Team which again, looks awesome. It has a ramshackle nature to it and looks like service droids turned player. They are also looking for a name for this team so head on over and have your say.

Will you be adding a Speedball legend to your team?

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