Mantic’s DreadBall Gets In Gear For Season Four!

March 1, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games are getting started for Season Four of DreadBall thanks to an update over on the Xtreme Kickstarter. The new book is going to bring new backward compatible teams from Xtreme to the regular DreadBall board!

DreadBall Season 4

DreadBall Xtreme Teams

DreadBall Season Four is going to bring The Convicts, The Asterians Kalyshi, The Mechanites and The Kovossian Plague Team to the regular pitch alongside a host of star player MVPs.

The book itself sits as the next stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign and will find itself being added to pledge levels as a result. Of course you can always wait and pick it up once this is all done and dusted!

Don't forget that epic team we also previewed at the end of this past week!

Are you getting DreadBall fever?

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