Star Saga To Welcome New Mercs In Final Week On Kickstarter

October 15, 2016 by brennon

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With there only being a week or so left as part of the Mantic Games Kickstarter for Star Saga we got a look at some new Mercs on the way for the game that will hopefully be unlocked next week!

Star Saga

It's time to lock n' load as some new anti-heroes!

Ector Zanchez

We're kicking things off with this Human Grenadier, Ector Zanchez who looks like he's been through the wars. Armed with a rather dangerous looking rifle he seems like the kind of grizzled veteran you'd want on your side.

Human Grenadier

He used to be a DreadBall Xtreme player but after being injured and saved by Blaine he's now working to pay off his debt.

Kira Nikolovski

Following on from him we have some named characters starting with Kira Nikolovski as one of their Sphyr characters and indeed sister to Adrienne Nikolovski who you might know from Deadzone. A medic is a key member of personnel that should definitely be included as part of your entourage!

Kira Nikolovski

The design of the Sphyr is something we've always liked; we kind of have an obsession with fish folk and mer-people. It's nice to see some of the other races from the Warpath world making an appearance.

Ota Sora

We're also looking towards another new Mercenary by the name of Ota Sora the Matsudan who seems like he'd prefer getting up close and personal with his enemies.

Ota Sora

Sporting an underslung gun (always a plus) and armed with the massive rod weapon he'll be battering away his opponents and turning them into mush. Another exotic alien species from the wider Warpath world too!

Kur Keela

Finally, and most impressively some would say, we also have the mighty Teraton Mercenary, Kur Keela! He is a criminal amongst his own kind and has been blackmailed into working for Blaine.


Now that is one stunning looking render! Armed with twin guns, because why not, I could imagine this fellow being quite the wrecking ball when it comes to Star Saga.

The campaign has blasted through it's funding goals and it's creeping towards lots of new stuff. With that in mind which of the new Mercs would you like to play as?

Drop your thoughts below!

"It's nice to see some of the other races from the Warpath world making an appearance..."

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