MERCS: Recon Closes In On Epic New Stretch Goals

March 20, 2014 by brennon

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Megacon Games are closing in on a whole bunch of new stretch goals for their MERCS: Recon Kickstarter. The nearest of these is the utterly brilliant looking (and Kickstarter exclusive) Corporate Police Prototype...

Locked Stretch Goals

As you can see they have planned ahead quite a bit with some awesome additions to both the fireteams and the NPCs that will be reacting to your incursion on the board. However the real gem of this collection of stretch goals is the one I mentioned above.

Police Prototype

Now how can you pass up a MERCS inspired version of RoboCop? That is one awesome looking piece of artwork and they are so close to unlocking him. I like that they have made a few tweaks to give it that MERCS feel but it's very clearly a great nod to the awesome character.

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