Miniatures Sports Hit The Next Level With Zero Gravity Kickstarter

September 7, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

It's likely no surprise to anyone that I adore the Kickstarter platform because I thoroughly enjoy seeing someone's "baby" brought to life.

I especially like when I see an idea that stops me and I have that, "now THAT'S cool" moment, which is exactly where Zero Gravity got me. Check this out:

“Newton Corporation welcomes you to the 2130 Grand Final of the XXV Zero Gravity tournament! The hyper-local gravity engines were just turned on: the audience is buzzing and the final starts in a few minutes! The world’s best teams competed all year to be here. Now the surviving 4 teams will be contesting for the championship, led by their daring commanders.

Who is going to capture the coveted flag? How many troopers will be sacrificed to protect the teams’ runners? Which team will make the best use of the Playing Arena’s vertical and horizontal surfaces? Ladies and gentlemen, you are attending, tonight, one of the greatest events since Zero Gravity technology replaced boring old gravity!”

Zero Gravity is the latest creation from District Games. They've taken the capture the flag sports concept and turned it on its head - literally.

The game takes your typical flat field and folds it onto itself, leaving a square shaped, 3D arena for teams to battle each other right side up, sideways and upside down! Seriously. How cool is that?!


Two to Four players will battle it out on this wicked 3D surface, challenging everything they've previously learned about strategy. Each team will consist of fourteen miniatures (40mm): 1x Commander, 3x Harriers and 10x Troopers.

Meet the lineup of four teams ready to battle in Zero Gravity: the mighty Irish Sharks, the proud Milwaukee Eagles, the fearless Moscow Jackals and the fearsome Tokyo Demons.


The more I look, the more I like. They've funded already, so bring on the stretch goals!

What do you think of this 3D twist to capture the flag?

"Two to Four players will battle it out on this wicked 3D surface, challenging everything they've previously learned about strategy..."

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