Monopoly Gets Alcohol Fuelled Mechanics In Drinkopoly!

April 18, 2022 by fcostin

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Do you add alcoholic beverages to your games night? We often incorporate the likes of shots and beer into an 18+ games night, mostly to get the quieter members of our group a little rowdier before or in-between games. They always come out of their shell when the rum is out...

Whether that be a game designed around drinking, or taking a shot due to stupid actions of a player. Party Games are always welcomed into my household on game night to warm us up for relevant tactics and techniques.

Drinkopoly - Blurriest Game Ever

Drinkopoly // Blurriest Game Ever

Asmodee have released a new board game title, promising a forgettable experience! Not something you usually look for in a tabletop title, with light-hearted rules taking players around the map on some alcohol-fuelled antics. Brining a very blurry take on classic Monopoly with Drinkopoly.


Drinkopoly Board Preview // Asmodee

Laid out on the board in front of the players, they will find objectives that will require them to stop off at your regular ol drinking venues. Whether that be a bar, a club or a pub - they'll need to stop off and grab themselves a drink upon arrival.

When arriving, players will have options to be set to different social tasks, whether that be taking to the table for an arm wrestle, getting mixed up into some tongue twisters, or even trying your hands at some poetry recitals. There's plenty to be put to the test, with different objectives as players traverse with dice to their next pit stop.

Whoever manages to get to the end of the journey first will be crowned the winner, or... the last man standing depending on the group engaged!

It seems that the real goal in the game is to attempt to stand on the way out! The game has been released to US Retail, but you can get yourself a copy online here in the UK, or over at the Drinkopoly store.

Resources needed: A Box of Drinkopoly and enough alcohol to fuel your party. Probably best to save this one for the end of games night... 

"Brining a very blurry take on classic Monopoly..."

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