Create Monstrosities & More As Mad Scientists In CoLab!

January 14, 2022 by fcostin

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I have always felt like I would be a fantastic mad scientist. Well, not only because I do deem myself mad, but give me the chance to pour dangerous vials into another and create monstrosities in the name of science? Where can I sign up to get a minion named Igor?

Players can now head into the laboratory, to create and design by their choice. No, this is not a normal lab, taking the roles of mad scientists, players will explore mystery by creations they collaborate in a shared workspace to delve into the unknown in relaunched Kickstarter, CoLab.

CoLab - Portal Dragon

CoLab // Portal Dragon

Whether you are looking to boil over the stove with potions, build a new untested device or create a monster fit for a genius. There are a wealth of different creations that can be put to design, with careful research - players will strive to become the most renowned scientist in the shared and chaotic lab.

1-4 players will be immersed in a world of opportunity, changing the laws of ethics they are provided with the endless power to create. Although players may be sharing the lab, it doesn't mean that they are happy to share some glory! Players will collect dice to thrust their heads into research. Forcing their minions to head out into the big and bad world to collect ingredients for further study.

Colab Cards - Portal Dragon

Creation Cards // CoLab

The more ambitious the creation, the more 'Renown' the player will earn, however, players must keep an eye on their competitors too. Given the shared workspace, any progress that a competitor scientist is making - you can get a share in that too. As players compete to gain the most renown as their reputation skyrockets. By the time players have mastered the art - by the twelfth creation, the player with the most points is crowned the best and the brightest mad scientist.

The Kickstarter campaign was funded in the first four hours of being live. With still quite a few stretch goals to unlock, add-ons to access and many different pledges you can tap into - there's plenty to choose from. There are 25 days left on the clock, so be sure to head to the Kickstarter campaign to check out CoLab to step into the role of mad scientist yourself.

What do you think of the premise of CoLab?

"The more ambitious the creation, the more 'Renown' the player will earn..."

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