Rack Up The Most Candy This Halloween In Trick Or Treat

October 19, 2021 by fcostin

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Looking for a lightweight card game this Spooky Season? Leder Games are highlighting a fun-filled trick-or-treat experience where characters outsource hoards Halloween candy on the night of All Hallows' Eve.

Over five years ago, Trick or Treat was funded on Kickstarter. Fuelled by the wonderful Patrick Leder, the genius behind Leder Games with some of my favourite titles such as Root and Vast. Now we turn our heads to the spooky season that is approaching us at a fast pace - and Trick or Treat is at the top of my pile to warm myself and my friends up at our fearsome-themed games night.

Trick or Treat // Leder Games

It has been a very long time since I trick or treated! Going door to door, begging my neighbours far and wide for sweets and chocolate (some lame-os gave vegetables every year!) and filling myself up sick for the rest of the week on a sugar fuelled diet.

Emulating just that, Trick or Treat implements a rummy-style mechanic which will set players off into their childhood. Collecting treats from neighbours and finding the perfect set to return home for tea. Players must search for sweets to rake in the points to win the game.

Trick or Treat Cards - Image One

Card Preview // Trick or Treat

2-6 players will race to hand in their sweets for points to win, but it is not just the opponent that will be hoping to steal a little bit of your pride. There is a nasty bully ready to come out at any moment, not too keen on doing his own grinding for the chocolate and more than happy to steal yours.

If you are interested in a fun card game, themed for the spooky season. Players can check in at their FLGS along with purchasing online for a chance to reap in the candy another year in a row.

No. I wasn't one of those trick or treaters who egged houses... regardless if I was going to bin the broccoli provided at the door!

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