Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc Now Available On Kickstarter

October 11, 2017 by brennon

Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc is now live on Kickstarter from Mythic Games, taking you down to their legendary scale as they introduce both Historical and Fantastical clashes from the Hundred Years War.

Joan Of Arc (Main)

A word from the guys at Mythic about Time Of Legends...

"In Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, all the creatures that the medieval people thought were real, are real. Whether they are represented on tapestries, in stained glass windows, or in illuminated manuscripts, we take them at their word. It is this dark and epic universe that you will explore in the game’s many scenarios.

Some are historical, with no taint of the whispered legends of strange creatures. Others are replete with the supernatural or (saints preserve us) demonic."

The game is played in both scenario and battle mode where the two sides, the English and the French, clash in a number of different conflicts which reflect both stories and major battles between both sides.

Joan Of Arc Game

In the scenario based games you will be following a narrative chain as you uncover the secrets of witchcraft and evil happening in the land whilst also dealing with deadly beasts. Battle mode switches this up and has the two sides clashing in an epic foray.

Models & Factions

As you might imagine there are two sides to the conflict here and they break down into the English...

English Army

...and the French. Most, if not all of the characters that you see here are actually based on real Historical people and have just been given a more epic Fantastical edge to them on the tabletop.

French Army

I think that while I feel like I should be a stalwart supporter of England in this scrap I can't help but enjoy the look of the French characters that are on offer. As well as these characters you will be fielding all manner of troops, knights, monsters and more.


Some of them might come from both the Holy side of the coin...

Holy Army

...or the Unholy side that fights for the Devil himself. Would you rather have Saints or Sinners on your side?

Unholy Army

There is plenty more to choose from and delve into when it comes to this campaign and the main pledge is already exploding with awesomeness. You can see why the game has already surpassed its main funding goal and moved on towards plenty of stretch goals in the meantime.

Stretch Goals, Exclusives & Add-Ons

As you might imagine with a campaign like this there is plenty of fun stuff to throw into the mix as well as what you get in the main pledge. For example, here we have the models for Gog & Magog which are two giants you can throw into the mix for your games.

Gog & Magog

Of course, there's also the utterly epic Joan Of Arc Dragon which would be fantastic for 15mm, 28mm and well...any scale.

Joan Of Arc Dragon

That truly is impressive. Away from that though, simply the basic components in the game are top notch including their wonderful 3D terrain which can be used on the game board to add another level of enjoyment to your games.

3D Terrain

Basically, what we're saying is that you need to head on over to their Kickstarter campaign and have a look for yourself to see if this game takes your fancy. There is a LOT to get your head around when it comes to all the wonderful miniatures and more but it's worth it.

Will you be backing this?

"In Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, all the creatures that the medieval people thought were real, are real..."

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