Mythic Games Prepare For The Apocalypse In Final Days For Joan Of Arc Kickstarter

November 8, 2017 by brennon

With the Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc Kickstarter from Mythic Games coming to a close soon they have prepared for the Final Days with an Apocalypse of their own and an utterly amazing expansion for the game featuring some stunning models.


The artwork that you see above adorns the cover of the Apocalypse expansion for the game and as you can see,  Bayard Wu has done an utterly stunning job on this piece showing off each of the Four Horsemen. You can see the full list of contents within this box HERE but I wanted to close in on just a few of the special models from the set, namely the Horsemen.


Leading the way, as seen above, we have Conquest who is also joined by his comrade in arms that is War.


Both of them have been designed with a real in-depth look at some of the old artwork from the period and indeed then been bought up to modern standards with some absolutely stunning sculpting. The fact that these are going to be in 15mm, and after seeing some of the characters up close, I can tell you that these are going to be amazing to paint.

However, that's just two of the Horsemen as we also have Famine...


...and Death which is possibly one of the strangest of the bunch with his floating upside down steed. I suppose if you're looking to stay true to the period and do something different with your range this is the way to do it!


As if this wasn't impressive enough the team behind the game at Mythic have also got their sights set on another massive creature in the form of Leviathan. This model is the third and last of their mighty beasts that you might have seen popping up in some of the artwork.


However, considering all of this evil on the tabletop you'd be forgiven for forgetting that not all darkness is fangs and blades. Sometimes a more subtle form of evil comes to the tabletop and that's what this new model for the Anti-Christ represents.

The Anti-Christ

He has no direct attacks of his own when it comes to gameplay and instead relies on being able to twist and turn the fortunes of those on both sides in order to achieve his ultimate dominion. A very interesting character to throw into the mix.

Holy Defenders

However, not everything is doom and gloom as there are ways and means of trying to stop the Apocalypse from striking and rendering us all down into smoke and ashes. Leading the way we have a stunning sculpt for Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael

He looks utterly fantastic, as have all of their Angelic characters for Joan Of Arc. I think the old school armour with a Classical feel to it looks great and acts as a point of difference against the heavier plate and chainmail of the other soldiers and characters in the game.

There is also The Holy Relic which acts as a way to buff your forces on the tabletop and fight for something devout.

The Relic

Last but not least I also wanted to show off Judgement who is a fantastic combat monster, able to dive into the thick of it and deal with the likes of Leviathan.


I kinda lied in the last sentence as there is something more awesome than Judgement. You know how Unicorns have that horn and they are meant to be all nice and docile? Well, Triumph here sure is one of the most badass looking Unicorns I have ever seen...


I would not want to mess with him on the battlefield and he sure as hell doesn't poop rainbows and ice cream.

You can learn more about all of these characters and more HERE on their latest update for the Kickstarter AND see the rest of the amazing models making their way to the game with this expansion.

Will you be engaging in some Apocalyptic gameplay?

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