Mythic Games Gift Solomon Kane A Mighty Steed!

January 10, 2019 by brennon

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The folks at Mythic Games decided to give Solomon Kane a bit of an upgrade for one particular scenario included within the game, Death’s Black Riders. Solomon Kane now has himself a horse so that he can go up against them on equal footing (or should that be hoofing?)

Solomon Kane Mounted #1 - Mythic Games

The team realised whilst playing through the scenario that having Solomon Kane on foot was somewhat ruining the immersion during the story, so they mounted him up atop his steed and now have him included within the set, racing forward with guns at the ready to take on his foes.

Solomon Kane Mounted #2 - Mythic Games

They've managed to capture a great sense of dynamism in the sculpt, especially with the thundering steed and its flowing locks combined with the cape whipping out behind Kane. As well as offering up a new way to approach the scenario he was crafted for, this also opens up possibilities for more scenarios in the future featuring a mounted version of Solomon Kane.

Here he is compared against one of the other mounted figures from the set...

Solomon Kane Comparison - Mythic Games you an idea of the added detail going into the accessories and such on Kane, marking him out as different from the other riders in the set.

It's rather cool that Mythic Games are still working through additional options for the game, even with the Kickstarter campaign coming to an end. It will be great to get to the tabletop and indulge in some Solomon Kane eventually, exploring the stories and their various outcomes with a band of friends.

What do you make of the mounted Solomon Kane?

"They've managed to capture a great sense of dynamism in the sculpt..."

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