New Bird & New Continent In The Next Wingspan Expansion

July 1, 2022 by fcostin

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Wingspan has been one of the most popular board game titles out there over the last few years. Winning the 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres award, and bringing two new expansions, accessories and organisation upgrades. The world went nesting for their next bird fix, and the title continues to pull in players both new to the tabletop and old.

Wingspan - Stonemaier Games

Wingspan // Stonemaier Games

Players who have dove into becoming bird enthusiasts, researchers, ornithologists and collectors for Wingspan will have travelled the world. discovering new wildlife in the two released expansions past the core game, the European Expansion and Oceania Expansion.

Although we have heard that there is a third expansion in the works for Wingspan, and has been since the back-end of last year. Due to mentions from Jamey Stegmaier and Elizabeth Hargrave, we finally have a ballpark date and a title for the newest expansion.

Ready to head into new territories in Q4 of this year, Stonemaier Games will be taking Wingspan to Asia. Meeting the likes of the loud and extravagant India Peafowl, the expansion will focus on scouting wonderous birds across the diverse scope of Asia.

Indian Peafowl Preview - Wingspan Asia Expansion

Indian Peafowl Preview // Wingspan Asia Expansion

Wonderful news that we will be seeing more birds out on the table before the end of the year! The Stonemaier website does state that we can see this title in 'early Q4 2022', right in time for Christmas.

Alongside the release of the expansion, there has been an organisation tool announced too - to keep all of your eggs in one basket. Providing a new and comfortable modular home for all Wingspan content and cards in the Nesting Box. If you did want to purchase the new expansion with some organisation involved for the full scope of Wingspan products.

Wingspan Nesting Box - Stonemaier Games

Wingspan Nesting Box // Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier will be selling the Nesting Box with the Wingspan Asia expansion included too. So you can tidy to your heart's content, with space across multiple layers for components and cards, including a safe snug for the cardboard birdfeeder dice tower. Also for a Q4 pre-order and release.

Wingspan Now On Steam - Stonemaier Games

Wingspan Now On Steam // Stonemaier Games

If you do want to find out more about the upcoming expansion Wingspan Asia, a full announcement will be coming later on in the year. However, if you want a sneaky peek at what birds can be expected, Stonemaier has confirmed that they will be showcasing one bird per month in their e-newsletter. Sign up if you cannot wait, or you can ask questions and keep the conversation going on the initial announcement and the Wingspan Facebook Group.

We welcome speculation and discussion about Wingspan Asia here, in the Wingspan Facebook group, and on BoardGameGeek, but for now the only information and details we will officially reveal are images of individual bird cards. We’ll answer questions about Wingspan Asia during the full reveal in early Q4 2022.

Looking forward to expanding out to a new continent in Wingspan? 

"Stonemaier will be selling the Nesting Box with the Wingspan Asia expansion included too..."

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