Explore New Horizons In Thunderstone Quest Expansion

June 26, 2019 by cassn

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Alderac Entertainment Group have launched their new Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter. In Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons, the Champions of Thunderstone find themselves dispersed by the forces of wild magic into strange new worlds. One hero awakens in a far realm of endless sands, while the other arrives in a strange new city which may hold the secret of the fate of his people!


Thunderstone Quest is a fantasy deckbuilder game in which 2-4 adventurers work through a narrative arc which will allow them to upgrade their basic deck while encountering monsters and exploring dungeons. The OnTabletop team fell in love with the base game on live stream last year, and the expansions which have followed release have only added to an already excellent deck builder.

The Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons Kickstarter not only brings new stories into the game, along with new monsters, weapons, and a special promotional pack for Barricades Mode: Ezuzrius' Lair, but also allows players who missed out the first time to purchase the base game, the first five quests, and all unlocked Kickstarter goals from the original campaign!


For seasoned Thunderstone Quest players, Alderac Entertainment have included a selection of 'add-on' purchases which can enhance your game, including neoprene playmats, premium card sleeves and 4th level heroes!

Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons is currently fully funded on Kickstarter but, with only two days left, willing adventures should rush forth to the campaign and pledge now!

Did you watch our Thunderstone Quest live stream? What do you think of the game? Tell us below!

" New monsters, weapons, and a special promotional pack!"

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