Conquer The New & Old Kingdoms Of Eygpt With Amun-Re

January 10, 2022 by fcostin

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Are you ready to return to your role as Pharaoh? Amun-Re is getting a reprint! Alley Cat Games have recently announced that the classic 2003 is getting a Remastered Edition, with brand new artwork and three new expansions heading over to Kickstarter this summer.

Amun Re - Kickstarter - Summer 2022#

Amun-Re Announcement // Alley Cat Games Twitter

Amun-Re was in my pile of board games from when I was younger, I remember feeling high an mighty, erecting pyramids and making plentiful and worthy sacrifices to the great God. Get ready don to a cheeky little Nemes, as Amun-Re is no longer on the recruit for Pharaohs to create a wealth of pyramids across the horizon, the new edition brings Nomarchs and Governors to dictate over the land. Hoping for their power to grow, no land is safe - as the ambition of these rules have no bounds, looking to gain control over the map and go down in history.

Now, this ruler seems mighty powerful Free. How does Amun-Re come into the game? Players will be keen to sacrifice to Amun-Re, with hope that the God will invest in their prospering community. Players will need to take from their farmland to offer to Amun-Re for extra added support when building pyramids across the dry lands of Egypt. They will need to get their hands on as much resource to the build their structures to conquer.

Amun Re - Box Art

Box Art Preview // Alley Cat Games

Differing from the original 2003 edition, the updated reprint will come with new artwork from Vincent Dutrait, along with three new expansions heading over to Kickstarter to regrow the already established game system.

There is no solid date to when the board game will be heading to Kickstarter. Just a heads up that we can see an old classic returning with three new expansions onto the crowdfunding platform this Summer.

Did you ever play Amun-Re and are you looking forward to the reprint? 

" Get ready don to a cheeky little Nemes..."

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