New Riot Quest Expansions Coming To Kickstarter April 2021

April 15, 2021 by fcostin

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There are some new expansions ready to hit Kickstarter for Riot Quest on April 20th this year. Including the Boss Fight Expansion, Heist Expansion, Bounty expansion and a handful of new heroes ready to join the wreckage - in the upcoming Kickstarter Chilly Con Carnage.

Boss Fight Expansion - Riot Quest  // Privateer Press

The first of the expansions announced is the Boss Fight Expansion, including the fearsome Karchev & Deathjack. Boasting both terrifying and brutal, 'Karchev the Terrible' is said to be a petrifying character to reside in the wintertime wasteland:

"When Karchev the Terrible made the mistake of clamping the Skulls of Hate onto his own warjack body, he became one of the most malicious monstrosities the wintertime wasteland has ever seen! Woe be unto any who find themselves in the path of this unholy terror, for Karchev & Deathjack care not for loot or gear, fortune, or glory…they exist only to destroy."

You will get the chance to introduce a new cooperative experience, allowing players to add new rules to allow 1-4 players to cooperate when taking down a beastly boss.

Although, if you are not too keen on the idea of taking this beast down cooperatively, this miniature can be added to your crew too. With an included Hero Stat card and Riot Gear cards for you to witness first-hand the brutality within any game mode of Riot Quest.

There are ample options in this upcoming Kickstarter, and that is without any milestones or stretch goals! I am looking forward to seeing what else this campaign has to offer.
What are you most excited for? To engage in a heist or take down the next big boss as a team? 

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