Explore A New RPG Board Game With Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall

June 15, 2022 by brennon

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If you're looking for a brand new Fantasy RPG board game then you might want to keep an eye on Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall which is coming soon from the folks at Incredible Dream Studios.

Kinfire Chronicles Nights Fall - Incredible Dream

Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall // Incredible Dream

Kinfire Chronicles is a one-to-four-player cooperative RPG board game where you play as Seekers. You will enter the world of Atios and look to push back the darkness that is threatening to take over the realm.

Kinfire Chronicles Nights Fall Gameplay - Incredible Dream

Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall - Gameplay // Incredible Dream

Games are played out as part of a campaign. The campaign is made of fifteen quests that take around sixty minutes to complete and they are all part of a branching narrative that twists and turns as you play. Because of this, the campaign is replayable, especially if you want to make different choices and use different characters.

Quests are broken down into three phases. Adventuring has you following Quest Cards and is a more deck-based affair. There are also Battle phases where you will be looking to take out your foes on one of the fold-out maps as you see above. I have to give Kinfire Chronicles a big tick for those amazing standees! It's a good way of showing off the lovely artwork by Kate Redesiuk.

Kinfire Chronicles Nights Fall Standees - Incredible Dream

Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall - Standees // Incredible Dream

Turns in battle are determined by drawing chits from the destiny bag. Monsters will have their own variety of attacks but heroes will play action cards in order to do damage and turn the tide. They can even use their cards on other players' turns in order to boost their effectiveness or reduce damage taken from enemy strikes.

There is also the Exploration phase where you will be able to speak to different NPCs in the world, purchase and upgrade items and level up your deck of action cards.

What's also neat is that the story continues even if you don't achieve your objective or you're defeated by the enemy. The quest continues but it will change gameplay and story moments later on in the campaign! I always like this as it keeps you from feeling bogged down as part of a game.

I am already liking the art style for this game and the feel of gameplay. I would love to get my hands on it to learn more!

What do you think of Kinfire Chronicles?

"I have to give Kinfire Chronicles a big tick for those amazing standees!"

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