Tackle A New Version Of Z-Man’s Pandemic In Hot Zone

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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Z-Man Games has a new take on their classic board game Pandemic called Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America. This is a quick version of Pandemic which can be played in thirty minutes and caters for between two-to-four players.

-5ebaacb8d7624--5ebaacb8d7625Pandemic Hot Zone America - Z-Man Games.png

Based on the original game, this is a smaller cooperative experience where you try and stop a terrible pandemic from surging across North America. You will have to work together and use your skills to contain outbreaks, make strategic choices and eventually eradicate it. Three cures are needed; will you find them?

Whilst this seems like it could be an awkward time to announce a game like this, board games are an important part of many people's lives and if you can get your hands on this, it might make a few more evenings at home a lot more fun.

Pandemic Hot Zone America Characters - Z-Man Games

Pandemic is one of those classic board games that I would love to play more of. I had a lot of fun demoing this game to families at an event a few years ago now and it always goes down well. The cooperative nature of the experience is vital, especially with younger gamers and means everyone gets to have fun either winning or failing together.

Are you tempted to give this quick version of Pandemic a go?

"Are you tempted to give this quick version of Pandemic a go?"

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