Pandasaurus Games’ The Fox Experiment Funded In An Hour!

September 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Pandasaurus Games last month released details of their upcoming nature-based title, The Fox Experiment. With sneaky peeks and information being scattered about the later release to crowdfunding. The campaign is now live, introducing foxes into the family home for domestication, in Elizabeth Hargave's newest board game title, now live on Kickstarter.

The Fox Experiment - Pandasaurus Games

The Fox Experiment // Pandasaurus Games

Hopping onto the next board game in Elizabeth Hargrave's animal kingdom, The Fox Experiment has been inspired by the Belyaev-Trut Study of domesticating foxes. Inviting them into our homes with hopes for them to ultimately become much-loved pets alike the dog and cat.

Players will be getting hands-on from kit to vixen, referencing and building a study in the evolution of the breeding program to help the nicest of foxes become embedded into the home.

Inside The Box - The Fox Experiment

Inside The Box // The Fox Experiment

The title is a roll and write, and players will be pairing up foxes which hold individual traits for breeding. Meeting personal objectives, players will need to roll their 'pup dice' to determine the combined temperament for the next in line. They will need to twist and turn these dice once landed to build symbols to mark off on their 'pup card', raking in tokens for trait symbols to progress further and to upgrade, seeing these newly for pups into adulthood, and into the kennels for the next litter to be prepared.


Board And Game Preview // The Fox Experiment

Across five rounds, players will be building the perfect temperament for domestication. Ultimately to please patrons who will be housing the good doggos. Rounding up the total of points for the player that raised the nicest fox (this person gets a special award!), successfully meeting patron's needs, meeting player objectives, gaining tokens and upgrades to place the player who has the most points, winner.

There are a few different pledges you can dip into if you are interested in The Fox Experiment. You can swag yourself the retail copy, a special Kickstarter edition, or an all-in deluxe that will pull in an additional player expansion and gorgeous playmats alongside the Kickstarter edition of the game. Stretch Goals are included in the Kickstarter edition onwards, and feature campaign exclusive quality of life additions, such as adorable meeple upgrades.

Pup Cards - The Fox Experiment

Pup Cards // The Fox Experiment

The campaign itself is quite large, with additional add-ons to bolster pledges. There are 21 days left on the clock, bringing an awesome Jeff Fraser and Elizabeth Hargrave combination into the mix, with a fictionalised adaptation of wonderful themes building a close environment for humanity and fox-kind to live together in harmony. Ready for fulfilment in July 2023.

What do you think of The Fox Experiment?

"Players will be getting hands-on from kit to vixen, referencing and building a study on the evolution of the breeding program..."

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